2012-13 ABL Transactions

  1. Destin Browns (DB) changes name to River City Rascals (RC)
  2. SI trades John McDonald to LL for LL#5 (2013)
  3. LL trades LL#2 (2013) to MR for Bryan LaHair
  4. LL trades LL#3 (2013) to MR for Dewayne Wise
  5. MR trades FC#3 (2013) to SI for Chipper Jones
  6. MR trades WW#1 (2013) to SS for Matt Holliday
  7. MR trades MR#2 (2013), SI#2 (2013), and MR#3 (2013) to TA for Carlos Quentin and Dan Haren
  8. MR trades WW#2 (2013), LL#2 (2013), and LL#3 (2013) to LT for Joaquin Benoit, Sean Marshall, and Grant Balfour
  9. FC trades Andre Ethier and Wade Davis to SI for Todd Frazier, Gregor Blanco, Justin Smoak, and Sam LeCure
  10. FC trades Pedro Alvarez and J.P. Howell to TA for MR#3 (2013), TA#3 (2013), Luis Ayala, and Steve Lombardozzi
  11. MR trades MR#1 (2014) to JD for Tim Hudson
  12. LL trades Jonathon Papelbon to SI for FC#3 (2013), LL#5 (2013), and SI#2 (2014)
  13. LL trades LL#5 (2013) to MR for Andres Torres
  14. LL trades Mike Adams and Ryan Hanigan to MP for MP#3 (2013) and MP#3 (2014)
  15. MP trades MP#1 (2014), JB#3 (2013), and LT#3 (2013) to JD for Yovani Gallardo
  16. RC trades Derek Holland to MP for Dayan Viciedo
  17. LT trades Alejandro De Aza and LL#3 (2013) to RC for RC#2 (2013) and RC#5 (2014)
  18. RC trades RC#4 (2013) to TA for Daniel Descalso and Cristhian Martinez
  19. RC trades Desmond Jennings and Domonic Brown to FC for Todd Frazier and Michael Cuddyer
  20. SI trades Kevin Youkilis and SI#1 (2014) to SH for Jimmy Rollins and SH#4 (2014)
  21. HZ trades Madison Bumgarner, Brandon Belt, Wilton Lopez, and HZ#2 (2014) to FC for Yonder Alonso, Wade Miley, Sam LeCure, and FC#1 (2014)
  22. JD trades Paul Konerko to DV for Ian Kennedy and DV#5 (2013)
  23. JD trades Wandy Rodriguez to WW for WW#1 (2014)
  24. FC trades Wilson Betemit to MR for WW#3 (2013), MR#4 (2013), and MR#5 (2013)
  25. LT trades Jemile Weeks, Henderson Alvarez, and Darren Oliver to SI for Dan Uggla and Bud Norris
  26. SI trades Jonny Gomes, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Clayton Mortenson to CC for Eric Chavez, David Ross, and CC#6 (2013)
  27. BG trades BG#3 (2014) to MP for Luke Hochevar
  28. MP trades MP#7 (2013), MP#8 (2013), and MP#9 (2013) to MR for MR#6 (2014)
  29. SS trades Jared Weaver to SI for SI#1 (2013), SP#4 (2013), and SI#3 (2014)
  30. LT trades Dee Gordon to MP for BG#3 (2014)
  31. JD trades Drew Storen to CC for CC#3 (2014)
  32. MP releases Jeff Francis and Daniel Schlereth
  33. BG releases Eliezer Alfonzo, Charlie Blackmon, Sergio Escalona, Matt Guerrier, Jesse Litsch, Charlie Morton, Daniel Moskos, Chris Narveson, and Fernando Rodriguez
  34. LL trades LL#4 (2014), LL#6 (2014), and Brian Boguesevic to MP for MP#4 (2013) and Nick Masset
  35. LL releases Jake Fox, Andy LaRoche, Dontrelle Willis, and Jason Bourgeois
  36. CO releases Pedro Beato, Bill Bray, David Herndon, David Pauley, and Aubrey Huff
  37. CC trades CC#1 (2013) to FL for Jason Heyward
  38. FL releases Alex Cora, Craig Counsell, Thomas Field, Chone Figgins, Ramiro Pena, Craig Tatum, Rich Harden, and Scott Kazmir
  39. KC trades Adam Lind to TA for RC#4 (2013)
  40. WW trades WW#3 (2014) to CO for Skip Schumaker
  41. SI releases Kerry Wood, Mike MacDougal, Guillermo Mota, Bryan Petersen, Henry Blanco, and Freddy Garcia
  42. SI trades SI#4 (2014) to MR for WW#4 (2013) and LL#5 (2013)
  43. CC releases Orlando Hudson, Tsuyoshi Nishioka, Derek Lowe, Aneury Rodriguez, and Anthony Varvaro
  44. MP releases Chris Volstad
  45. HZ releases Marlon Byrd, Johnny Damon, Mike Fontenot, Kosuke Fukudome, Jose Lopez, Magglio Ordonez, Jose Ceda, Brandon Gomes, and Brian Sanches
  46. HE releases Miguel Cairo, Aaron Miles, Chris Snyder, Francisco Cordero, Rafael Perez, and Ramon Ramirez
  47. SH releases Jose Lobaton, Ramon Santiago, Carlos Carrasco, Dana Eveland, Kevin Gregg, Daisuke Matsuzaka, and Randy Wolf
  48. BM releases Rick Ankiel, Kyle Blanks, Aaron Cook, Frank Francisco, Brian Fuentes, Juan Carlos Oviedo, Takashi Saito, and Cory Wade
  49. SP releases Mitch Maier, Guillermo Moscoso, and Michael Stutes
  50. RC releases Mike Cameron, Vladimir Guerrero, Jordan Schafer, Zach Duke, Chris Jakubauskas, and Blake Wood
  51. JB releases J.R. Towles, Mark Teahen, Trevor Bell, Blake Hawksworth, Livan Hernandez, and Todd Coffey
  52. DV releases Justin Christian, Nick Evans, Yamaico Navarro, Placido Polanco, Dustin Moseley, Joe Paterson, and Chad Qualls
  53. MC releases J.D. Drew, Derrek Lee, Freddy Sanchez, Dane Sardinha, Enerio Del Rosario, Kyle McClellan, and Rich Thompson
  54. BM releases Jason Donald
  55. LL trades LL#1 (2013) and Anibel Sanchez to FL for FC#1 (2013)
  56. LL trades LL#2 (2014) to JD for Francisco Liriano
  57. LL trades LL#4 (2013), LL#6 (2013), LL#7 (2013), LL#8 (2013), LL#9 (2013), Roberto Hernandez, and Matt LaPorta to FL for FL#4 (2014)
  58. LL trades John Buck to MP for MP#6 (2013)
  59. CC trades Adam LaRoche, Jonny Gomes, and Seth Smith to TA for Matt Garza, Ty Wigginton, and Lucas Duda
  60. KC trades Mark Ellis to LL for MP#4 (2013)
  61. WW trades Henry Rodriguez to CC for CC#9 (2013)
  62. HZ trades Josh Beckett to FL for John Jaso
  63. LL trades Rafael Furcal to JD for LT#3 (2013)
  64. KC trades MP#4 (2013) and Yuniesky Betancourt to TA for TA#6 (2013) and TA#4 (2014)
  65. FC trades Luis Ayala, CC#5 (2013), FC#5 (2013), and FC#6 (2013) to SI for David Ross and SH#4 (2014)
  66. LL trades LL#7 (2014) to CC for CC#7 (2013) and CC#8 (2013)
  67. LL trades Eric Bedard to JD for JD#9 (2013)
  68. SH trades Ezequiel Carrera to CO for Liam Hendriks
  69. SP trades Michael Bourn to FC for Desmond Jennings and Wilton Lopez
  70. FC trades J.J. Hardy, Angel Pagan, Junichi Tazawa, and Dale Thayer to MC for Jed Lowrie, Nate Schierholtz, and Robert Andino
  71. HE trades HE#7 (2013) to TA for TA#7 (2013) and TA#8 (2014)
  72. SI trades SI#8 (2014) to CO for Brandon Inge
  73. RC trades RC#7 (2014) to CO for Ramon Hernandez
  74. FC trades FC#7 (2014) to CO for Daniel Hudson
  75. KC trades Scott Diamond to CO for CO#4 (2014)
  76. KC trades John Lester and Pedro Ciriaco to FC for Alex Avila, Nate Schierholtz, and Tyson Ross
  77. MC releases Endy Chavez, Shelley Duncan, and Sergio Santos
  78. MP releases Brian Bogusevic, Brian Roberts, Jordan Schafer, Chris Volstad, and Ian Stewart
  79. FL releases Fautino De Los Santos and Josh Spence
  80. LL trades Mariano Rivera, LL#8 (2014) and LL#9 (2014) to FL for Raul Valdez and FL#5 (2014)
  81. LL releases Jason Giambi, Dallas Keuchel, Nick Masset, Charlie Morton, and Esmerling Vasquez
  82. SI releases Drew Sutton and Jason Isringhausen
  83. CO releases Trayvon Robinson, Brett Cecil, Phil Coke, and Randy Wells
  84. RC releases Victor Marte
  85. JD releases Chris Marrero, Corey Patterson, Vernon Wells, Drew Butera, Blake DeWitt, Jerry Sands, Jeff Francis, Anthony Swarzak, Josh Outman, Jeff Locke, Chien-Ming Wang, Christopher LeRoux, and Scott Linebrink
  86. MR releases Ryan Adams, Robinson Chirinos, Mark Hamilton, Brandon Wood, Rafael Dolis, Brad Hand, and Roy Oswalt
  87. LL releases Alberto Cabrera, Alex Gonzalez, and Andres Torres
  88. CC releases Jeff Baker, Don Kelly, Philip Humber, and Kyle Weiland
  89. KC releases John Grabow, Daniel McCutchen, Eli Whiteside, Brett Hayes, Rob Johnson, Cord Phelps, Scott Van Slyke, David Carpenter, Juan Cruz, Tim Dillard, Brian Omogrosso, Jeff Bianchi, Ryan Raburn, Matt Hague, Collin McHugh, Hank Conger, and Brock Holt
  90. FC releases Ivan Rodriguez, Brett Pill, Omar Quintanilla, Jair Jurrjens, and Hector Noesi
  91. SI trades Alfonso Soriano and Henderson Alvarez to FC for Cory Hart, Jonathan Herrera, Shawn Kelley, and George Kontos
  92. LT releases Ramon Castro, Michael Taylor, and Eduardo Sanchez
  93. MR releases Matt Reynolds, Matt Capps, Alfredo Aceves, and Jordan Danks
  94. FC releases Joe Benson
  95. WW releases Jason Bartlett, Ryan Kalish, Laynce Nix, Danny Valencia, Jeremy Accardo, Dallas Braden, Scott Downs, Brian Duensing, and Javier Vazquez
  96. SP releases Jason Marquis and Hisanori Takahashi
  97. TA releases Yuniesky Betancourt, Casey Blake, Brooks Conrad, Taylor Green, Eric Hinske, Justin Sellers, Matt Treanor, Dan Runzler, Alejandro Sanabia, George Sherill, and Kevin Slowey
  98. LT releases Casey Kelly and Christian Friedrich
  99. SS releases Miguel Batista, Hideki Matsui, Cesar Ramos, Brian Bixler, Juan Miranda, Edgar Renteria, Bobby Cassevah, and Henry Sosa
  100. JB releases Brayan Pena, Jhonatan Solano, Emmanuel Burriss, Jose Constanza, Tony Gwynn, and Jonathan Sanchez
  101. BM releases Andruw Jones and Will Ohman
  102. RC trades Ronny Paulino to KC for Jason Bay

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