2008-09 ABL Transactions

  1. Mudville Nine (MV) changes name to Thunder Bay Whiskey Jacks (TB)
  2. LT trades Mike Pelfrey, Damaso Marte to GO for Ian Stewart and Bobby Jenks
  3. LT trades Jim Edmonds to LL for LL#4 (2009), SH#5 (2009), and LL#6 (2009)
  4. LT trades Fred Lewis to SI for LL#2 (2009) and SI#3 (2009)
  5. WW trades WW#3 (2009) and WW#3 (2010) to JD for Brian Schneider
  6. GO trades GO#6 (2009) to FL for Jason Varitek
  7. LT trades Jason Bay and Kyle Davies to MR for Kevin Gregg and MR#1 (2009)
  8. LL trades Radhames Liz to TB for Ramon Santiago
  9. LT trades Bobby Jenks, LL#4 (2009) and SH#5 (2009) to WW for Phil Hughes and WW#6 (2009)
  10. GO trades GO#2 (2009) and Chad Qualls to WW for Carlos Zambrano and WW#4 (2009)
  11. CK trades CK#2 (2009) to WW for Chone Figgins
  12. LT trades Randy Johnson and LT#5 (2009) to PH for PH#4 (2009)
  13. WW trades PH#3 (2009) to GO for Ramon Vazquez
  14. LT trades Homer Bailey and Mark Teixeira to LL for Brandon Morrow and Lance Berkman
  15. GO trades GO#3 (2010) to JD for Bobby Abreu and Jeff Mathis
  16. LL trades LL#1 (2010), LL#4 (2010), LL#7 (2010), LL#8 (2010), and LL#9 (2010) to PH for Carlos Marmol
  17. LL trades LL#3 (2010) to PH for Travis Hafner
  18. LL trades Edwar Ramirez and Jon Rauch to GO for Eric Hinske and GO#5 (2010)
  19. LL trades Ray Durham to SI for Clint Barmes
  20. LT trades LT#1 (2009), MR#1 (2009), and Jesus Flores to TB for TB#1 (2009), TB#2 (2009), and TB#4 (2009)
  21. LL trades Clint Barmes and LL#2 (2010) to WW for Jerry Hairston
  22. SI trades SI#4 (2009) and SI#4 (2010) to WW for Jose Guillen
  23. SI trades Derrick Lee and SI#7 (2009) to TB for Carlos Delgado
  24. LT trades Ian Stewart and Phil Hughes to GO for Carlos Zambrano
  25. SI trades Matt Capps and Ryan Zimmerman to GO for Brad Lidge and Troy Glaus
  26. LT trades LT#2 (2009), WW#6 (2009), and LL#6 (2009) to SI for SI#2 (2009) and SI#5 (2010)
  27. SI trades Aaron Hill to TB for TB#5 (2009)
  28. SI trades Fred Lewis, LT#2 (2009) and SI#6 (2009) to BB for Ted Lilly and BB#2 (2009)
  29. GO trades PH#3 (2009) to BG for Joe Crede
  30. LL trades Bill Hall to WW for LL#2 (2010)
  31. SI trades Akinori Iwamura, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Jorge De La Rosa, and SI#5 (2009) to SH for A.J. Burnett
  32. LL trades LL#2 (2010) to WW for Nick Johnson, SI#4 (2010), WW#6 (2010), WW#7 (2010), WW#8 (2010), and WW#9 (2010)
  33. LL trades Matt Stairs and LL#7 (2009) to CK for CK#5 (2009)
  34. MR trades Jeremy Hermida, MR#3 (2009), and MR#5 (2009) to CK for CK#2 (2010), CK#5 (2010), and CK#8 (2009)
  35. LT trades Matt Kemp, Kevin Gregg, PH#4 (2009), and LT#4 (2009) to BB for Ryan Church, Grant Balfour, GO#3 (2009), and NY#3 (2009)
  36. CK releases Esteban German, J.R. House, Donnie Murphy, So Taguchi, Kelvin Jimenez, and Jamie Walker
  37. LL releases Fernando Cabrera, Shawn Green, Josh Phelps, Tike Redman, Reggie Sanders, and Jorge Velandia
  38. SI releases Bob Wickman
  39. KC releases Kevin Frandsen, Juan Salas, Julian Tavarez, and Josh Towers
  40. LL trades Andy Pettitte and CK#5 (2009) to FL for Orlando Hernandez and FL#3 (2010)
  41. LT releases Rocky Cherry, J.D. Durbin, and Chris Woodward
  42. LL trades LL#6 (2010), WW#6 (2010), WW#7 (2010), WW#8 (2010), and WW#9 (2010) to PH for PH#4 (2010)
  43. SP releases Adam Eaton, Carlos Silva, and Jose Vidro
  44. JB trades B.J. Upton and Rudy Seanez to BB for Matt Kemp
  45. FL releases Gary Bennett, Lew Ford, Abraham Nunez, Chris Snelling, Jose Valentin, Ambiorix Burgos, D.J. Houlton, Matt Morris, Derrick Turnbow, Livan Hernandez, and Todd Jones
  46. JD releases Yorman Bazardo, Barry Bonds, Mike Piazza, and Matt Kata
  47. PH releases Eliezer Alfonzo
  48. SH releases Ben Broussard, Shelly Duncan, Trot Nixon, Danny Richar, Daryle Ward, Joaquin Benoit, Shawn Chacon, Jorge Sosa, and C.J. Wilson
  49. CO releases Juan Encarnacion, Jerry Owens, Aaron Fultz, Scott Dohmann, Chris Schroder, and Kyle Snyder
  50. MR trades Zach Duke, MR#2 (2009), and JD#2 (2009) to TB for Gil Meche, TB#3 (2009), and TB#8 (2009)
  51. TB releases Royce Clayton, Jeff Conine, Jon Coutlangus, Marcus Giles, Kei Igawa, Ryan Langerhans, Rob Mackowiak, Mark McLemore, Damian Miller, Doug Mirabelli, Termel Sledge, Scott Spiezio, Cory Sullivan, Mark Sweeney, Jack Taschner, Woody Williams, and Shane Youman
  52. KB releases Jose Cruz, Timo Perez, Chad Paronto, and Lee Gardner
  53. DV releases Matt Belisle, Bobby Livingston, and Matt Wise
  54. LL trades Eric Hinske and PH#4 (2010) to BB for Takashi Saito
  55. LK releases Craig Biggio, Jacque Jones, Ryan Klesko, Todd Linden, Jason Michaels, Mike Bacsik, Gustavo Chacin, Brendan Donnelly, Ruddy Lugo, and Royce Ring
  56. BG releases Alejandro De Aza, Paul Lo Duca, Josh Wilson, Kevin Cameron, Tyler Clippard, and Chuck James
  57. NY releases Raul Casanova, Shannon Stewart, Dave Borkowski, Brad Hennessey, Dustin Moseley, and Brett Tomko
  58. BB trades BB#4 (2009), SI#6 (2009), BB#7 (2009), BB#9 (2009), and BB#6 (2010) to TB for JD#2 (2009), and Dennys Reyes
  59. LT trades LL#2 (2009), LT#3 (2009) to SI for BB#2 (2009), TB#5 (2009), and SI#2 (2010)
  60. LL trades Travis Hafner, SI#4 (2010), and LL#5 (2010) to CO for CO#2 (2010)
  61. LL trades CO#2 (2010), FL#3 (2010), and GO#5 (2010) to PH for PH#1 (2009)
  62. LT trades LT#3 (2010) to JD for JD#3 (2009)
  63. WW trades Brad Hawpe to DB for Gabe Gross and DB#2 (2009)
  64. LL trades Jeremy Accardo to PH for Pat Neshek and PH#7 (2009)
  65. LL trades PH#7 (2009) to DV for Craig Monroe
  66. MR trades MR#7 (2010) to CK for MR#8 (2009), CK#9 (2009), and DV#9 (2009)
  67. JD trades JD#4 (2009), JD#5 (2009), JD#6 (2009), and JD#7 (2009) to SI for SI#3 (2010)
  68. WW trades SH#5 (2009), WW#5 (2009), WW#7 (2009), WW#8 (2009), and WW#9 (2009) to GO for WW#4 (2009)
  69. BB trades BB#1 (2009) to TB for TB#1 (2010)
  70. WW trades Blake DeWitt and Jonathan Broxton to JB for Joey Devine and Brian Bruney
  71. WW trades CK#2 (2009), WW#2 (2009), LL#3 (2009), SI#4 (2009), WW#4 (2009), and LL#4 (2009) to TB for Ryan Dempster and Michael Cuddyer
  72. LL trades GO#5 (2009) to TB for Geoff Blum
  73. JB trades Mark Reynolds to PH for JB#3 (2009), LL#1 (2010), and Brian Wilson
  74. MR trades TB#3 (2009) to WW for Glen Perkins
  75. LL trades Nick Johnson to BB for BB#3 (2009)
  76. LT trades TB#5 (2009) to LL for Mark Prior
  77. MR trades Nomar Garciaparra to WW for WW#2 (2010)
  78. LT trades JD#3 (2009) and TB#4 (2009) to WW for TB#3 (2009) and WW#5 (2010)
  79. JD trades WW#3 (2009) to FL for FL#7 (2009) and FL#8 (2009)
  80. WW trades Michael Cuddyer to FL for FL#4 (2009)
  81. LT trades Ryan Church and LT#6 (2010) to PH for Ramon Castro, J.C. Romero, and Tony Pena
  82. LL trades TB#5 (2009) to JB for JB#4 (2010)
  83. LT trades Santiago Casilla and Michael Wuertz to DV for DV#5 (2009)
  84. WW trades WW#4 (2010) to FL for CK#5 (2009)
  85. SP trades Geovanny Soto, Andy Sonnanstine, and Luke Hochevar to GO for Troy Tulowitski, Casey Kotchman, and Ryan Sweeney
  86. GO trades GO#4 (2010) and GO#8 (2009) to CK for CK#6 (2009)
  87. LT trades LT#5 (2010) to KB for KB#6 (2009)
  88. LT trades Nate Schierholtz, J.C. Romero, SI#2 (2010), and SI#5 (2010) to SI for Craig Breslow and SI#1 (2010)
  89. LL trades Orlando Hernandez to PH for Jeremy Accardo, PH#8 (2009) and LL#8 (2009)
  90. MR releases Jeff Fiorentino, Scott Moore, Micah Bowie, Roger Clemens, Rodrigo Lopez, Macay McBride, and Eric O'Flaherty
  91. PH trades PH#2 (2010) to CK for Seth Smith
  92. WW trades LL#2 (2010) to CO for Nick Punto
  93. SH releases Chad Cordero and Tyler Johnson
  94. FL releases Mike Lamb and Jeff Weaver
  95. LT releases Ryan Raburn, Eric Gagne, and Bobby Seay
  96. CO releases Noah Lowry and Kory Casto
  97. DB releases Randy Flores and Royce Ring
  98. SS releases Rob Bowen, Erick Aybar, Chris Duffy, Scott Thorman, Brandon Medders, Tom Mastny, and Taylor Tankersley
  99. SI releases Scott Eyre, Dave Roberts, Sidney Ponson, Darrell Rasner, Dan Ortmeier, Jeff Salazar, and Scott Feldman
  100. LL trades Pat Neshek to PH for Orlando Hernandez
  101. KB releases Brady Clark, Jay Gibbons, Kenny Lofton, Peter Moylan, Curt Schilling, Ehren Wassermann, Akinori Otsuka, Jamie Burke, Frank Catalanotto, Josh Barfield, Corey Patterson, John Bale, and Jon Lieber
  102. TB releases Bryan LaHair, Joaquin Arias, Jayson Nix, Livan Hernandez, Radhames Liz, and Gary Glover
  103. LT trades Taylor Teagarden and Max Scherzer to FL for Nate McLouth and WW#4 (2010)
  104. FL releases Luis Cruz
  105. LT trades LT#7 (2010) to SH for Henry Blanco
  106. GO releases Jason LaRue, Brent Lillibridge, Mitch Maier, Danny Richar, Justin Ruggiano, Nick Stavinoha, Clay Condrey, Franklyn German, Eric Hurley, and Vladimir Nunez
  107. LT trades Jody Gerut and WW#4 (2010) to SI for J.C. Romero and SI#2 (2010)
  108. KC releases Mike Wood, Mike Timlin, Jorge Julio, Paul McAnulty, Pablo Ozuna, Al Reyes, Jonny Gomes, and Claudio Vargas
  109. PH releases Josh Bard, Scott Podsednik, Tony Armas, Brian Burres, Boone Logan, Sergio Mitre, and John Parrish
  110. SH releases Moises Alou, Brendan Ryan, and Mike Redmond
  111. MR releases Brad Wilkerson, Kenny Rogers, Lenny DiNardo, Brandon Duckworth, and Masa Kobayashi
  112. GO releases Eric Patterson, Horacio Ramirez, Eddie Guardado, and Guillermo Mota
  113. LL releases Frank Thomas, Orlando Hernandez, and Wily Mo Pena
  114. WW releases Chris Burke, Reggie Willits, and Delwyn Young
  115. BB releases Jason Botts, Scott Hatteberg, Wes Helms, Dan Johnson, Kevin Mench, Mike Sweeney, Scott Atchison, and Joe Kennedy
  116. SP releases Adam Russell, Luis Ayala, Anderson Hernandez, Darren O'Day, Chris Ray, David Riske, Chris Shelton, and Chris Waters
  117. JB releases Paul Bako, Brian Barton, Brian Bocock, Tony Clark, Chris Gomez, Jonathan Herrera, Jeff Larish, Nook Logan, Tony Pena, Jason Repko, Chad Tracy, Randor Bierd, Ryan Feierabend, Josh Geer, Justin Germano, Jimmy Gobble, Luis Mendoza, Chris Sampson, and Oscar Villarreal
  118. LT trades WW#5 (2010) to JB for Dusty Ryan and JB#7 (2010)
  119. LT releases Raul Casanova
  120. NY releases Wes Littleton
  121. LK releases Billy Buckner

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